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Welcome to David A. Ewing-Chow, MD, PLLC, an Ophthalmology practice located in Watertown, New York.  At Dr. Ewing-Chow's practice we strive to offer our patients convenient, high-quality eye care.  One of the ways we do this is by offering our patients online health services through our website.These services include


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a patient with our practice, or you are a new patient wanting to fill out your paperwork online, please click on the Register link at the top of this page and follow the instructions for new patient registration, or you can contact David A. Ewing-Chow, MD, PLLC at 315-681-6379.  Once you "Verify My Identity" by entering your issued PIN Number you can access your medical information.  Stop by our office to receive your PIN Number.  We can only issue PIN Numbers in person.


If you are currently a patient of Dr. Ewing-Chow's and interested in signing up for these services, simply click on the Register link at the top of this page and follow the instructions to sign-up.  This will allow you partial access to the website.  To access your medical information, please visit our office and you will be issued a PIN number to access you medical information.  Once you have your PIN number you can log in to "Verify My Identity" and view your medical information.


April is Sports Eye Safety Month & National Minority Health Month

Sports Eye Safety Month

The weather is finally starting to warm up and everyone is ready to begin their spring and summer sports. There are several sports with a high risk for eye injuries, but the good news is that you can prevent most injuries by wearing the proper protective gear. Some high-risk sports include basketball, baseball, sports with rackets, and some martial arts. You should make sure to wear a helmet and/or protective eyewear with polycarbonate lenses. According to the U.S. Eye Injury registry, 40% of eye injuries occurred while fishing. If you go out hiking or biking, think about bringing a back-up pair of glasses in case you break or lose a lense. Also be sure to use caution during spring cleaning, mowing the lawn and barbeque-ing. If something happens to your eye, make sure to seek medical attention immediately. If certain injuries are left untreated, it could result in permanent eye damage or even vision loss.

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Minority Health Month

This month is also Minority Health Month. Some of the disparities affecting minorities are cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, and Osteoperosis. In regards to eye health, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts and Age-related Macular Degeneration are more common in minorities. The best way to prevent eye disease is always regular check-ups with your ophthalmologist. It is important you are screened by your doctor because many of these diseases do not have any early warning signs and could result in permanent eye damage or vision loss. An ophthalmologist can usually help control these with medicine, corrective wear, sometimes surgery and of course, regular exams.

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